What to see and do in Billund


Billund, a town in central Denmark, is known as the birthplace of Lego bricks.   Highlights of Billund include The Lego House and Legoland.

Legoland Billund is the original and first Legoland.  This amusement park opened on June 7th, 1968 and is located next to the original Lego factory.  Legoland is so fun for all ages.  We had a blast!  There are rides and activities for all age groups.  We spent two full days at Legoland because we were able to get a great deal on 2 day tickets.  You can definitely do the  park in one day if you get there when they open and leave when they close the gates.  Spending 2 days at park allowed us the extra time to ride every single ride, watch every show and performance, and ride our favorite rides multiple times.

The Lego House is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited.  Even if you aren't a lego fan you will still be amazed by all that is included at the Lego House.  Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, creator of the Lego minifigure and grandson of the creator of Lego, had a dream of building a house representing everything the LEGO brand stands for and placing it in the center of where the LEGO group was created, in the town of Billund Denmark.  From the moment we walked in we were in awe. It was absolutely incredible. We started in the history collection room where we read about the family and the history of how the LEGO brick was thought of and created. Then each floor led to different Lego creative play activities. We loved all of the hands on creative activities and all of the technology enhancements. I highly recommend visiting the Lego House If you visit Billund Denmark.


Where to eat in Billund


Mini Chef Lego House Restaurant - The Lego House restaurant offers a unique dining experience that is so much fun.  You use lego blocks to order your food and your food is delivered to you in a giant lego block.

Bellini Cafe and Ristorante - We absolutely loved this beautiful and quaint Italian restaurant.  The food was absolutely delicious.  We loved the pastas, seafood, salads, and pizzas.  The staff was so kind and helpful.

Billund Pizza and Steakhouse - This was a great place to grab a pizza for dinner after visiting the Lego House.