Cape Breton - 3 Day Sample Itinerary


Day 1 - Make your first day in Cape Breton  all about spending time at the beautiful Inverness Beach (obviously this only works if it is the end of June, July, or August when it is warm).  Enjoy a picnic on the beach, make sand castles, splash in the water, look for geo caches.  If you enjoy gold be sure to play a round of golf at Cabot Links, one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.  After you have soaked up the sun head to the Cabot Links Public House for dinner.


Day 2 - Spend your 2nd day in Cape Breton starting your drive around the beautiful Cabot Trail.  Stop off at all the beautiful viewing points sprinked around the Cabot Trail.  Drive to Skyline Trail Head and go for a hike. Then head to White Point for a hike. Continue your drive and spend the evening at Keltic Lodge.


Day 3 - Spend your last day in Cape Breton finishing your drive around Cabot Trail but you must make a detour to the Fortress of Louisbourg.  Take one of the tours offered to find out more about the history of the Fort and the way of life back then.  Watch the bakers make their bread, or the wood workers work on the boats, you can even watch how they worked the guns in times of war.  After Fort Louisbourg finish the stunning drive around Cabot Trail.