Packing. It was a love-hate relationship....

 And then my husband introduced me to E. Bags Packing Cubes. From that day forward I have been in a passionate relationship with my packing cubes! LOL! Packing cubes were a game changer for us! Not only did they help us to organize our clothes better and keep clean clothes away from the sweaty stinky clothes, but most importantly, they helped us reduce the size of bags we needed when we traveled. They consolidate everything very tightly. There are a few different ways you can organize your packing cubes. It may depend on the type of trip you are taking or the amount of people traveling. But any way you use your packing cubes, they are going to save you space and they may even save you money!


Here are some ideas of how you can organize your packing cubes:

 1. Each traveler gets their own packing cube. If you are on a short trip with only 2-3 outfits in tow, you can each have your own packing cube. When our family has taken a quick trip for a few days to Louisville or Cincinnati, we take one suitcase. Each person in our family gets their own packing cube.  We go as far as each person has their own color of packing cube. Then when we get to the hotel we each grab our own packing cube and we have all of our clothes organized and in one place.

2. Each day has its own packing cube. If we are traveling for a week and it’s a place where we will be wearing a new outfit each day, I will label each packing cube with the day (EX. Monday-all of our family’s clothes for Monday). That way we are taking out a packing cube each day. Then when are clothes are dirty at the end of the day we put them all back into that packing cube.

3. For longer trips (and the most organized people). For longer trips where we have an itinerary and we are wearing clothes for a couple of days at a time, I print out our itinerary and then cut it into days. Then I tape it on to the packing cubes. For example, when we were in Iceland we were mostly in hiking, adventure type clothes. We usually wore each outfit for 2-3 days. On the top of the packing cube I would tape a few days of our itinerary on to it. It would tell me if we were going hiking or glacier walk etc. So, then I would fill that packing cube with clothes for the hikes or glacier walk. This is my favorite way of packing because it super easy to pack and make sure you have everything you need and super easy to find everything when you are there.

4. Types of clothes. For beach vacation type trips I like this method. Label the top of the packing cube with the type of clothing. Example, one packing cube for everyone’s shorts, one packing cube for everyone’s bathing suits, etc.  That way when you need shorts and a t-shirt you just grab those two packing cubes and your clothes are all right there for you to choose.

Hope you fall in love with packing and your packing cubes!

I personally like the Large Packing Cubes in the set of 3 best. Here is the link to purchase them. Always check for coupons. They run coupon codes frequently.