What to see and do in Prague

Prague is a magical, golden city filled with cobblestone streets, a hundred spires, an enchanting clock, and a mystical bridge that connects this fairytale land.  You will want to get lost in this charming city of Prague.

  • Walk Old Town of Prague -We loved looking at the old architecture and the carvings and stones in the buildings.
  • Astronomical clock - A must see in Prague.  Be sure to be there when the clocks strikes on the hour to hear the music and see the wooden figures and doors move.  I highly recommend visiting in the early morning when there are fewer crowds.
  • Jewish Quarter - This area was where Jewish people were ordered to live during the early 13th century when they were ordered to vacate their homes. Jews from Austria, Germany, Spain, and Prague were sent to live here. 100,000 people are buried in the small cemetery. It was hard to walk through one of the buildings with all of the names etched on the walls of all the people that had died
  • Prague Castle - Prepare to spend at least 5-7 hours here.  There is so much to see and everything is absolutely incredible.  Prague Castle is comprised of several palaces, a gigantic Cathedral, and several halls. Construction on the castle began in the 800s but did not finish for over 1,000 years until the early 1900s. The entire palace complex takes up 18 acres!
  • St Vitus Cathedral - Located in Prague Castle, is a Roman Catholic church that held services for the Royal Family but is also the location of where they were ordained as Kings and Queens and also buried when they passed. It’s absolutely gorgeous and ornate with its golden fixtures and colorful stained glass windows.
  • Charles bridge - What a view! Absolutely stunning stroll across the bridge. Painters with easels painting the scenic view, sketchers sketching caricatures and portraits of travelers, a jazz band playing music with a happy beat.
  • The John Lennon Wall - In 1980 when John Lennon was assassinated an unknown artist painted a portrait of John Lennon on a wall. People added lyrics and other symbols of the Beatles or of John Lennon. Repeatedly in the late 80s the wall was painted over. A clash over the wall broke out between Czech students and the Czech authorities. Even though the wall would get painted back to white the next morning the wall would be filled again with paintings of the Legend. Now the wall is left alone and the graffiti decorates the wall and millions visit. It’s quite beautiful.
  • Lego museum -Our kids LOVE Lego.  We found a little Lego museum in the same building as the Lego store.  Multiple floors of antique Lego sets that my kids had only read about in books but had never seen in person. Lots of sets from the first few years of Lego.  Great place to stop if you kids love Lego.
  • Head Of Franz Kafka - An outdoor sculpture depicting German-language writer Franz Kafka. The sculpture is made of 42 rotating panels. They constantly rotate and mixing around the pieces but eventually fit together to create the head! We had seen it on YouTube before we left but it was gigantic in person and absolutely stunning!
  • Apple museum  - (as in, Apple computers and iPhones)Displays of  the history and evolution of the computers.  We loved hearing how it was started and how everything evolved, what worked and what didn’t work well, how they constantly wanted to make each item better. It was really fascinating! It was a great break from the heat.

Where to eat in Prague


Kavarna Obecni Dum - When we arrived in Prague we were so hungry.  We only had to walk two blocks to stumble upon this beautiful historical landmark.  Outdoor table and chairs drapped the front, welcoming all to rest their feet and enjoy a wonderful meal.  The restaurant opened in 1912.  We had delightful sandwiches and salads that were so refreshing on the hot day.  The ambiance and art in the restaurant were stunning.

Trdelnik - This isn't a restaurant but a type of dessert served in Prague.  It is literally everywhere we went.  Its like a cake pastry wrapped in a cone shape covered in sugar and then soft serve ice cream is served in it and topped with strawberries and chocolate drizzle or other toppings you choose.  It's absolutely delicious!

Sad Man's Tongue Bar and Bistro- We were craving a place for a hamburger so we decided to try this place.  Excellent burgers and delicious fries. Very cool atmosphere.

Captain Candy - an incredible candy store filled with the most amazing candies!

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